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“Tony Flinn is an entrepreneur and business leader with an unprecedented knowledge of the commercial world and who has successfully overcome enormous obstacles to achieve the highest goals. Tony is able to share his philosophy so that others might also achieve their own goals.”

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Based on considerable real world experience, Tony is able to provide personal and business support, feedback and advice on an individual or group basis which will enhance individual and business performance.

By example, Tony inspires others to overcome personal barriers and set challenges to achieve their goals. He shows how it’s always possible to think and act positively.

With experience of a number of companies across many functional roles, Tony is able to address both strategic and tactical issues and to assist with governance, strategy and business performance.

Tony Flinn always sees the positive side

Tony showed a tenacious determination to start his own business in 2000 and grew it to plan despite early setbacks. He overcame enormous odds when a near death accident left him permanently paralysed in 2003. Despite this he returned to the helm and further grew the company successfully to ultimately exit in a trade sale in 2011. Since his accident he has learned to adapt to a new life, to row, to sail dinghies and yachts, become a private pilot, help start a number of businesses, and simply to cope with and overcome many of the obstacles that are simply part of everyday life.

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